STARS or Survey Tracking and Retrieval System, the industry leading business and operations management software to enhance and streamline the survey procurement process. STARS was design specifically for the multi-order survey consumer.

With STARS our customers can:
• Securely place survey orders on line.
• Track survey status in real time—from research, field, drafting and approval.
• Archive all past survey orders placed with Landmark
• View statements of accounts payable
• Receive email confirmation of order placement
• Receive PDF copy of final survey upon completion
• Obtain status updates of surveys—including alerts to potential survey issues

STARS can also be integrated with a variety of title closing software platforms.
For the title closer or processor this means survey orders can be placed with one-
click from within your current closing software. All relevant data is merged into the STARS database—no additional keystrokes, no additional time. No set-up fee required to implement this feature.